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Testosterone Propionate and Anavar Cycle Review: 5/5 Stars

July 16, 2024

I recently completed an 8-week cycle using products from this Interpharmserv, and I am thrilled with the results. Here’s my detailed experience:

Testosterone Propionate and Anavar Cycle

Cycle Duration: 8 weeks


– Testosterone Propionate: 100mg every other day

– Anavar: 50mg daily


From the very start of the cycle, I noticed a significant increase in strength and endurance. Testosterone Propionate provided a steady and reliable boost, while Anavar helped in achieving a leaner and more defined physique. I managed to gain about 10 pounds of lean muscle mass while simultaneously dropping body fat.

The quality of both products was exceptional. The Testosterone Propionate injections were smooth with no adverse reactions, and the Anavar pills were easy to take and effective. My workouts were more intense, and my recovery times improved drastically.

The customer service was outstanding, guiding me through the product selection and answering all my queries promptly. The shipping was incredibly fast and discreet, ensuring my privacy throughout the process.

Overall, this cycle exceeded my expectations in every way, and I will definitely be purchasing from this Interpharmserv again. Highly recommended for anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals with high-quality products and excellent service.

Avatar for West

Fast shipping great price and the stuff works! I’ll be sticking with them!

March 6, 2024

Great experience as always with Interpharmserv Got some Genexpharma Testosterone enanthate 250 and Dianabol and I was very impressed. This was for a promo. It’s always a pleasure here. Like the quality and the frequent promos and sales. You know what you get.

Avatar for Bestein

I gained 12 pounds of lean muscle

January 24, 2024

I was really impressed with Interpharmserv online steroid store I recently tried. Their customer service was top-notch, they answered emails quickly and provided clear, helpful information. The packaging of the steroids was discreet and well-protected, which I appreciated. Most importantly, the results were amazing. In just 8 weeks, I gained 12 pounds of lean muscle, thanks to their products. I highly recommend this steroids store for anyone looking to improve their muscle gain and overall workout performance. The combination of great service and effective products makes them a standout choice.

Avatar for Bradford

Buy steroid here Interpharmserv AMAZING SOURCE very happy here

December 30, 2023

Amazing, always fast to reply! Very discreet pack, couldnt be happier! 2 x trenbonex-a genexpharma love the pump in the gym, sex drive is amazing, good hard gains, no complaints here. Definitely hitting them up for more tren a very soon .

Avatar for Barr

Interpharmserv is one of my go to sources.

September 30, 2023

Easy to order and high quality product. I like the ease of it and you know you will always get good gear wit Interpharmserv. This is a professional service through and through, and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for the good product.

Avatar for Blevins

I highly recommend interpharmserv to anyone looking for quality gear at good prices.

September 28, 2023

Interpharmserv is a top notch source and has been my go to source for quite awhile. I’ve placed at least a dozen orders with them and never had a hiccup. Very professional and I never have to worry about getting my correct order. This is a review for Genexpharma primobolan 200mg, this gear has been outstanding, one of the most reliable labs out there imho.

Avatar for Milo

Interpharmserv Muscle maximizer's paradise!

September 19, 2023

Having been in the bodybuilding game for a significant amount of time, I’ve come across countless steroid stores, both online and offline. But the experience I had with is unparalleled!

Product Variety – Whether I was looking for a basic testosterone cypionate or hunting down that Tritren, they had it all. Every steroid you can think of, from the top-tier brands to the lesser-known gems.

Expertise – The staff here are not just salespeople. They gave me insights into products that I wouldn’t have known just from reading the labels.

Quality Assurance – There’s a lot of junk in the market, but places a keen emphasis on quality. I never had to worry about getting a dodgy batch or expired products. Everything is fresh and legit.

Competitive Pricing – Bodybuilding can be an expensive passion, especially when you’re consuming steroids regularly. But the prices here are fair, and they offer regular deals and discounts to loyal customers. is more than just a shop; it’s a crucial partner. I’m grateful for their commitment to quality, and I’d recommend them to every fellow bodybuilder out there. Keep crushing it, guys!


Avatar for Branchwar

Amazing Experience as Always!

September 18, 2023

Absolutely phenomenal product from Genexpharma and yet another top notch experience with the team at Interpharmserv will always be my go to for all future orders because I know if a situation arises in shipping or customs, they will take care of me as they have in past experiences.

Avatar for Westin

Reliable and Consistent

September 14, 2023

Always delivers quality. I’ve been a customer for years and have never been disappointed.

Avatar for Carver

Interpharmserv Quick, simple, reliable! From order to shipping, everything is on point.

September 12, 2023 is one of the best sources I’ve dealt with, Walt is very friendly, there was no need for communication except for once because this time the package took a bit longer. Had some good Genexpharma Testo cypionate. Just like a good testo cypionate does for me, sex drive over the top, well being, aggression, and recovery was there. Good source and great brand! Was a great experience and they are super quick to respond! will def be ordering again!

Always easy to order and pay. Just place order and sit and wait.

Avatar for Cohen
Verified The gold standard of online steroids providers

September 12, 2023

In the vast digital ocean of online steroids suppliers, shines bright. From the very beginning of my shopping experience, it was evident that this company stands in a league of its own. But what truly sets them apart is their exceptional service. My order, which consisted of multiple Genexpharma products, was delivered ahead of the estimated date. Each item was carefully packed, ensuring no damage during transit. With a seamless blend of quality products, swift delivery, and top-notch customer service, has won my loyalty. A well-deserved 5/5 stars. If you’re serious about your health and want a reliable supplier to buy steroid, look no further.

Avatar for Kent

Interpharmserv online steroids

September 11, 2023

Upon navigating to the online steroid store, I was immediately impressed by the user friendly interface. The website is organized clearly, with various product categories segmented appropriately, making it hassle-free to find the steroids I needed.

The range of steroids for sales is vast, catering to an array of health needs. Whether you’re looking for something for general well being or specific bodybuilding goals, Interpharmserv have you covered.

Placing the order was straightforward. I received my order confirmation promptly, followed by regular shipment tracking updates. The discreet package arrived on the predicted date, with all products sealed and in excellent condition. The little GIFT inside was a nice touch, indicating attention to detail and a human element often missed in the digital shopping era.

However, I’m giving them a 4 out of 5 stars because of one minor hiccup: one of the products I ordered was out of stock, and while they did refund me promptly, a prior notification or an update on the site would have been preferable. That said, their customer service was commendable, answering my queries quickly and professionally.

All in all, for anyone looking for a trustworthy online steroid source with a wide product range and excellent customer service, Interpharmserv is highly recommended.

Thanks, Russel

Avatar for Russel

IPS Reliable and Trustworthy

September 6, 2023

The steroids products are always delivered on time and work as expected.

Avatar for Bonner

Best Investment for Bodybuilders

August 31, 2023

If you’re serious about your health and performance, there’s no looking elsewhere. This is top-of-the-line stuff. Thank you!

Avatar for Gary

Genexpharma A Brand I Trust

August 29, 2023

I’ve been using these genexpharma steroids for 3 years now, and I’ve never been disappointed. The effectiveness is consistently great.

Avatar for Carver

Top notch source

August 24, 2023

Their testonex-e genexpharma is on top of the game! Can tell its good quality!

I can feel increased libido, It does give me some bloating specially at nights.

Good quality! What else can I say? This is a top notch source for all of your needs.

Avatar for Burt

Review for

August 23, 2023 is a standout in the wellness space. With its user friendly design, comprehensive product details, and exceptional customer support, it’s my go-to for top-quality steroids. Their commitment to transparency and trust is evident, making online shopping a breeze. Highly recommended!

Avatar for Bennett

Very impressed from shop.

June 9, 2023

I have used Interpharmserv at least 10 times in the last couple years and I have always received my order. Products are legit and very effective.

Avatar for Caleb

The best source I've dealt with

May 30, 2023

Professional very efficient and the best source I’ve dealt with. Delivery and shipping has always been perfect.

My go to source. Definitely try them out !

I recommend!

Avatar for McGuire
Verified met and exceeded my expectations

May 29, 2023 met and exceeded my expectations. From delivery to products quality to communication.

Avatar for Brady