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I've been duped by

September 24, 2023

As someone deeply involved in my personal health, I have always been on the lookout for reputable suppliers for steroids. This particular supplier, with its appealing product range and bold claims of efficacy, stood out amidst the sea of steroid providers online. Their website, sprinkled with seemingly genuine testimonials and detailed product descriptions, managed to catch my attention and convince me to order.

After thorough deliberation and even comparing their offerings with others, I decided to place an order. Their checkout process was seamless, and the payment went through without a hitch. A confirmation email followed soon, raising my expectations and excitement for the impending delivery.

However, as the days rolled on, my initial enthusiasm began to wane. Weeks passed, and the anticipated delivery date came and went without any sign of my package. Concerned, I decided to reach out to Roidsmall customer service. The first couple of times, I attributed the lack of response to perhaps a busy phase or some internal issues. But as more time elapsed with complete radio silence on their end, it became abundantly clear that something was amiss.

I tried various avenues, emails, contact forms on their website, even hunting for any potential social media presence to voice my concerns. But it felt as if I was trying to reach out to a ghost company. The stark contrast between their proactive approach during the sales phase and the absolute lack of communication post purchase was both frustrating and alarming.

It’s been months now, and the hard truth has settled in. I’ve been duped by My money has been taken by a company that seems to have no intention of honoring its commitments. As much as this experience has been a lesson for me, I pen down this extended review in the hopes that others might be spared the same fate. It’s essential to be cautious and doubly sure before investing in online platforms, no matter how genuine they appear on the surface. I implore everyone to think twice, research thoroughly, and steer clear of this deceptive company.

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