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I do not recommend shopping here! Pharmabol-uk is a BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

October 2, 2023

I did not received my BIG order!!! is a scammer! I cant login anymore to my account. Beware this site is a scam, you will loose money.

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Patrick Moraz is a FUCKING RAT working with the POLICE

October 1, 2023

Do not do business with this site. I placed an order about 2 weeks ago. Never received my package and POLICE came on my door. This is a police scam.

Stay away!

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Buyer's Remorse Scammer Source Pharmabol-UK

September 27, 2023

Honestly, steroids source is a scam. I wish I had done more research. After ordering and not receiving anything, I feel so deceived. The silence from their end is deafening. I urge everyone to steer clear.

Avatar for Levy

Fucking Scammer an unforgivable oversight

September 25, 2023

Despite their professional facade, this source has shown its true nature. I’ve paid, waited, and yet received nothing. It’s a cruel game they’re playing. Stay AWAY of PHARMABOL-UK.COM SCAMMER WEBSITE!!!!

Avatar for Buckley

From hope to despair with scammer

September 19, 2023

I felt optimistic when I ordered, but now I’m just disheartened. has taken my money, left me in the lurch, and refuses to answer. DO NOT ORDER from PHARMABOL-UK.COM.

Avatar for Rufus

Never received my order from

September 14, 2023

Ordered from My order was placed more than a month ago, and it still hasn’t been shipped yet. My account status is still saying received. I have sent countless emails to their website and Facebook page and they won’t reply. All i can say is that is a scam site. They will scam you. Don’t get sucked in like i did.

I do not recommend shopping here!

Avatar for Christensen
Verified Muscle Dreams Turned Nightmare

September 12, 2023

As a bodybuilder, my life revolves around routines, discipline, and a constant search for the best steroids to aid my performance and recovery. When I stumbled upon this source’s website, their tailored marketing campaigns, targeted at people like me, seemed too good to resist. With claims of superior formulas and faster results, I was sold. Little did I know, this decision would set me back, not just financially, but mentally as well.

After finalizing my order, I mentally prepared for the gains I believed these steroids would bring. I cleared out space in my cabinet, ready to integrate them into my regimen. However, as days turned into weeks, all I faced was a lingering disappointment. No package at my doorstep, no notification of any delays, and a sinking feeling in my stomach.

In my bid to resolve the matter, I emailed, and even tried reaching out through their social media handles. But it was like shouting into a void. No responses, no acknowledgment, only a cold digital wall. Conversations with fellow gym enthusiasts brought to light a sinister reality. I wasn’t alone; several had been duped by this supplier’s elaborate ruse.

This ordeal wasn’t merely about the money lost. As a bodybuilder, we thrive on consistency, and disruptions like these can throw us off our game. The setback wasn’t just physical, but emotional too. It’s one thing to be let down by a product’s performance, but to be outright deceived? That’s a different level of betrayal.

To anyone in this community reading this: be wary. All that glitters isn’t gold. This source’s deceitful tactics and lack of integrity have no place in our world, built on dedication and trust. Always research thoroughly and, if possible, rely on tried-and-true recommendations from trusted sources. Don’t let flashy promises blindside your judgment.

Avatar for Arthur

PHARMABOL-UK.COM A competitive edge turned bitter disappointment

September 11, 2023

Training for an IFBB PRO competition is no joke. Every meal, every rep, every ounce of sleep, they all play crucial roles in sculpting that perfect physique for the stage. Steroids, for competitors like me, aren’t just a luxury; they’re an essential component of our daily regimen. So, when I came across, I thought I’d found the competitive edge I needed. I placed my order, already visualizing how these steroids would seamlessly fit into my stringent prep routine. But, as the crucial weeks ticked by, my anticipation turned to frustration. There was no sign of my order. Those promises of expedited shipping and unmatched customer service were nowhere in sight. Desperate, as my competition neared, I tried every avenue to contact them. My emails went unanswered. This company had scammed several athletes, preying on our drive to excel and our willingness to invest in our passion. For any athlete, especially those in the IFBB PRO league, I cannot stress enough the importance of due diligence. In an industry where we push our bodies to the limit, it’s essential that we’re equally rigorous about vetting where our steroids come from. I don’t recommend shopping here! SCAMMER!!!!

Avatar for Zamora
Verified is 100% TOTAL SCAMMER!

September 11, 2023 is 100% TOTAL SCAMMER!… Pure dog cunt! Well known scammer that is selling fake products. I write this reviews just to let you know guys that this SOURCE IS A SCAMMER. I did not receive my order, pharmabol uk is a selective scammer. Some products are fake, some are shit and sometimes he simply does not deliver orders.

Avatar for Steven
Verified Scammer!

June 10, 2023

Did not receive my order!!! Do not order from, they will never ship your order.

Avatar for Spears
Verified SCAM, LIAR

May 31, 2023

I’m not the only one here who does not get his package SCAM, LIAR, I wait 90 days and have not received my package!

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Scammer alert! is fake

May 29, 2023

Scammer alert! is fake who scams internet users by pretending to work with other established steroid suppliers and manufacturers.

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