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Best source in USA

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 23, 2024

I’ve used multiple sources overseas and took forever to get here and customs and stuff really was ok but not great and crazy expensive I then found no on a forum they were ranked 5 on whole site and number 1 in us so I checked it out glad I did prices were cheap always on sale and always in stock never takes longer then 4 days to get gear and always throws in free Cialis and customer service top not h same as gear best I have ever done. Potent and wicked. Best part I can use 29 gauge insulin needle to inj not big as 25 or 24 gauge it’s smooth clear goes in nice only pip I ever had was with a high concentrate called problems 2 600mg it was 200 mgtestE 200 mg trenE and 200mgmastE he asked me about pip I said it’s bad he then sent me a 20 ml vial gso told me how to do it and bam pip was gone and sides wents away for most part but in one month my entire body changes from that I pinned m w f .8 had gut at end of month I had 6 pack and looked like a whole different person. I then ordered his sus 300mg it’s my go to still to this day all I run it’s best I ever seen or done and everyone I gave it to. Said the same about all his stuff sus prop cyp testE Masteron NPP it’s all great best I’ve done clean smooth inj. With 29 gauge insulin I use not 24 or 25 harpoons I needed with dragon GP and other they were good but nothing like this now it’s all I want or anyone here wants best they all done on forum he was ranked 5 in world and number 1 in us why I chose and his sales are great test is 20 a vial for all of it on sale Masteron is 40 for E and 30 mast 100 tren E 40 trenA 30 and tren he has is wicked crazy good potent I’ve never looked better then on his stuff and will answer any and all questions customer service top not h so is shipping with speed and packing my number one go to source now and everyone I know and always runs promos gives free Cialis every order name has changed though because he was finding his sus on other sites for a 130 bucks and stuff that’s how good it is I’m telling you if you are in us and want the best with fastest shipping best customer service go to him which now is call him 87 products are the best sus 300 tren a and Masteron are my go to always horny crazy pumps aggression some sides but not to bad and post blood work get store credit say it’s no good and send out to be tested hell pay you the cost plus hundreds in credit always being tested why he’s alwUs number one Hgh is great too primoE 200 for a 100 npp 35 deca 300 35 prices are great for the most potent gear ive dobe and people i know have done and compwye wirh and win i recommend checkingvit out seriously hes on eroids if u dont believe me never haf pumps fat loss agression lean muscle gain as quick and efficient as when on his gear bezt i know .

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Brandon great but could improve

Rated 4.0 out of 5
September 10, 2023

I’m generally happy with the product line-up, but I do think their trenbolone acetate could be a bit stronger. Other than that, solid choice.

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Steroids were intact and effective

Rated 4.0 out of 5
May 24, 2023

Packaging could be improved. The steroids were intact and effective, however.

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