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September 8, 2023

It’s good for a standard steroid. However, for the price, I expected something extraordinary.

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Good experience

August 10, 2023

Overall experience with was a good one. From ordering, responding to questions and delivery.

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Verified is a selective scammer

May 27, 2023 is a selective scammer

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Scammer alert! Beware of DOMESTIC-SUPPLY.COM a Disastrous Experience

May 24, 2023

I am extremely disappointed and upset with my recent experience with DOMESTIC-SUPPLY.COM. Not only did their service leave a lot to be desired, but their conduct was outright disrespectful. Let’s put it this way, they are certainly not committed to customer satisfaction and integrity.

To begin with, their product selection seemed very attractive at first glance. However, that’s where the charm ended. I placed an order for a few items based on their online descriptions and trusting their reputation. It’s safe to say, I’ve learned my lesson, not everything that glitters is gold.

After my payment was received, I faced the first set of issues, terrible customer service. They were not responsive to any of my inquiries about my order. Days turned into weeks, and still, no word about the status of my shipment. Repeated emails and attempts to get in touch went unanswered. This lack of communication is highly unprofessional and extremely frustrating.

Eventually, my order arrived but not without another set of issues. The product quality was poor and nowhere close to the descriptions given on their website. Clearly, misrepresentation is part of their marketing strategy. This is misleading and unacceptable behavior for any business, let alone one dealing with something as sensitive as steroids.

Moreover, I experienced side effects. This left me questioning the authenticity of their products. Are they genuine? Are they safe? Unfortunately, DOMESTIC-SUPPLY.COM doesn’t seem to care about the answers to these questions, which is terrifying and utterly irresponsible.

To make matters worse, when I voiced my concerns and asked for a refund, I was met with silence. No attempts were made to resolve the issue, and I was left feeling scammed. This isn’t just poor customer service, it’s a breach of trust.

In conclusion, I cannot recommend DOMESTIC-SUPPLY.COM to anyone. It’s clear to me that they care more about making a quick buck than ensuring the safety and satisfaction of their customers. Be wary of this provider. They’re not worth the risk or the frustration.

Scammer alert! Buyer beware of DOMESTIC-SUPPLY.COM, they are a stain on the reputation of the steroid industry.

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