L-Thyroxine molecular structure
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L-Thyroxine, also known as Levothyroxine, is a synthetic form of the thyroid hormone thyroxine (T4), prescribed to treat hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones to regulate the body’s metabolic processes.

L-Thyroxine mimics the natural thyroid hormone and restores normal hormonal balance, improving metabolism, energy levels, and overall well-being. In some cases, bodybuilders and athletes use L-Thyroxine off-label to enhance fat loss and improve performance.

However, L-Thyroxine is not a steroid and should not be used without a medical professional’s supervision. The misuse of L-Thyroxine can lead to serious health risks, including heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat, and excessive weight loss.

Steroid usage: L-Thyroxine is not a steroid, and its usage in the context of performance enhancement is off-label and not recommended without proper medical guidance.

Side effects of L-Thyroxine may include insomnia, irritability, increased heart rate, chest pain, excessive sweating, diarrhea, and weight loss. Overdosing on L-Thyroxine can lead to more severe side effects and complications.

Proper dosages of L-Thyroxine depend on the individual’s age, weight, medical condition, and response to therapy. It is important to follow a doctor’s prescription and adjust dosages gradually to minimize side effects.

Cycle example for this product: Not applicable, as L-Thyroxine is a prescription medication for treating hypothyroidism and not intended for performance enhancement or cycling.

Example products to stack: Not applicable, as L-Thyroxine is not intended for stacking with other products for performance enhancement.

Detection time average: Not applicable, as L-Thyroxine is a prescription medication for treating hypothyroidism and not subject to drug testing for performance enhancement purposes.

The average price of L-Thyroxine varies depending on the brand, dosage, and quantity. Prices generally range from $10 to $50 for a one-month supply of tablets. Prices may vary based on the supplier, location, and whether a prescription is required.

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Significant decrease in body fat

February 18, 2023

I’ve used L-Thyroxine as part of my fat loss stack, and it has contributed to a significant decrease in body fat. It’s a potent supplement but requires careful dosage management.

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