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3 months ago

Where’s My Steroids?

3 months ago

Hey fellow bodybuilding warriors, I hope this message finds you in the best of health and high spirits. Given the mutual respect we share for our bodybuilding journeys, I felt compelled to share a concerning experience with Osgear.se. It seems my hard-earned money has embarked on its own bodybuilding journey, with my steroids nowhere in sight. Days turned into weeks, and yet my tracking status remains frozen in time. It’s one thing to be patient, another to be ignored. My attempts to communicate with Osgear.se have been unanswered, leaving a void filled with unease and regret. The deeper I went into Osgear.se, the clearer the picture became. Whispers of dubious product integrity and possible “fictitious good reviews” are starting to become too loud to ignore. I urge each one of you to exercise caution and do your homework before making any decisions related to Osgear.se. Our health, time, and money are precious. Let’s ensure they’re invested wisely.

3 months ago

Beware of Osgear.se! Thought I’d found a bargain, but this testosterone enanthate product is filled with questionable ingredients from China. Had a severe reaction and stomach pain. Steer clear!

3 months ago

Hey folks, Alert Osgear.se Purchases
Waited ages for my Osgear.se order and still nothing. No replies to my emails either.Take care!

3 months ago

Still waiting on my Osgear.se order. Emailed them multiple times with no reply. Read some concerning things about product quality too. Just a heads-up. Research before you buy.
Stay safe,

3 months ago

🚫 Moderator Warning: Osgear.se Supplier Alert 🚫
Hello community members,
We strive to make this platform a safe and reliable space for users to share and gain insights on various steroids suppliers. Our topmost priority is ensuring our users have a trustworthy and secure experience when making decisions based on reviews shared here.
In light of recent events, we wish to address several concerns related to the supplier “Osgear”. Our team has received an unusually high number of complaints and reports about this source. Common complaints include:
1. Undelivered Orders: Numerous members have reported placing orders, being charged, but never receiving the products. The order tracking remains static or disappears altogether.
2. Ghosting After Purchase: After receiving payment, Osgear supplier reportedly becomes unresponsive, failing to provide any communication or update about the order status.
3. Questionable Product Quality: Several users have voiced concerns about the authenticity and grade of the steroids provided. Reports of adverse reactions, and discrepancies between product images and actual products have been flagged.
Given the volume and seriousness of these complaints, we advise our community members to exercise caution when considering purchases from “Osgear.se”. We recommend researching alternative suppliers or waiting until the concerns about Osgear have been fully addressed.
Please remember to remain vigilant, conduct due diligence before any purchase, and report any suspicious activity to our team immediately. We thank you for your patience, understanding, and commitment to maintaining the integrity of our community.
Stay safe and informed!
Warm regards,
LSS Community Review Platform Moderator

3 months ago

Hey guys. Wondering if store is closed. Haven’t received response to email.

7 months ago

Welcome to the Source discussions page on LSS.
We’re glad to have you here! This page is dedicated to discussing the products and services offered by the Source. We encourage you to share your experiences, ask questions, and provide honest feedback about your interactions with this source. Please remember to follow our community guidelines when posting your comments and reviews. Be respectful, honest, and constructive in your feedback. Together, we can build a valuable resource for everyone seeking reliable and trustworthy steroid sources. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and learning from your experiences with this Source. Happy posting!
Hawking LSS Admin

3 months ago
Reply to  Hawking

Hey Hawking, Looking forward to joining your forum as a source!

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