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9 months ago

Hey mate! What carrier oil Epharma uses?

9 months ago
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9 months ago
Reply to  Benton

Just figuring out how to operate on this forum, Mct is our carrier oil. If you would like to try some of our products we have a coupon code available currently for new members. JoinEp for 20% off!

9 months ago

Approved Steroid Source.
Source Description : Steroid Supplier for wholesale and retail
Website: Epsales.biz
Years in Business: 12 Years 10 years in wholesale / Epharma 2 years in retail
Contact Information : Epsales3 [at] proton [dot] me or click on the whatsapp link on site
Types of Steroids Source’s types of steroids. Injectable Steroids, Oral Steroids, Peptides Post Cycle Therapy, Men’s Health/ ED, HGH, HCG
Ordering Essentials From shipping to payments. Simply Place your order, Your will receive payment instructions shortly after Via email, or message us on whatsapp link. then you will receive tracking
Order Minimums: No Minimum
Payment Methods:Venmo / Cashapp / BTC
Shipping costs:$20
Delivery area:USA
Delivery time:Orders ship within 24 hours after payment Mon-Fri. Priority Mail 2-4 days for Arrival

9 months ago

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